Love is Everything

Love is Everything. It is truly that simple. All emotions come from love first. Once the root emotion of love is received (which is quantum), all other emotions are then seemingly floating around and available for you to experience. These other emotions come to us via our environment, family, friends, schools, governments, churches. Love is understanding and is the oneness behind the force of our "entire" existence. How strange that upon realization of infinite binding love comes "fear", the complete opposite on the "spectrum" in which we perceive. The one who created this world we know, surely intended it that way. You receive Love (first), the next installment is Fear (last). With this subconscious understanding of the now TWO emotions, you are now between the great one's Alpha & Omega, his beginning and his end, his FIRST and his LAST. If you were to visualize or conceptualize an experiment. You could imagine a Scientist setting his controls and then letting the experiment go how it will....... or does he? Seemingly unknown to the entirety of the environment. The Scientist, having manipulated microscopic subtleties, he or she can change the whole course of the experiment........... or, simply change things as they are needed to sustain and ultimately develop it's own self sufficiency to no longer need the Scientist? What kind of experiment is this? You be the judge.


With Great Love, THE fear of losing it is only, NATURAL.



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